Travel Insurance for patients with Diabetes


Diabetes mellitus is a disease which is fast spreading its wings owing to the sedentary lifestyles and food habits of the people. It is estimated that around 346 million people worldwide have diabetes worldwide and every year this number is increasing. The most horrifying part to this story had been the fact that there are many people who remain unidentified of its occurrence due to its showing no symptoms or less symptoms which they take as normal like frequent urination or thirst or lessening body weight. Hence the overall scenario of diabetes care is very dismal.

Diabetes Travel Insurance

Once diagnosed the condition could be managed, Establishing a healthy diet plan regime and taking physical exercise allows diabetics to reside a full and active life, and traveling abroad on holidays shouldn’t be an issue, even though some do find buying travel insurance which fully covers their diabetes is expensive.

Diabetes Travel Insurance

Need of Diabetes Travel Insurance

Having adequate travel insurance on your holiday is essential, particularly if you suffer from a chronic illness for example diabetes. Obtaining travel insurance that doesn’t fully cover your health conditions may result in your claim being rejected, so that it is always in your own interest to fully disclose any health conditions when getting a policy.

Traveling with Insulin

Should you suffer insulin-dependent diabetes (commonly called Type 1 diabetes), there’s something that you will need to consider regarding your holiday. For instance, in the UK insulin strength U-100 is used. However, in some countries the insulin strength might be U-40 or U-80 and you will find different syringes for different strengths. Because it is not safe to interchange these syringes, you need to use the relevant syringes depending on insulin strength. Additionally, because it is never good to freeze insulin, when travelling by air insulin ought to always be carried in you luggage.

Medical Screening

Medical screening system provides you with an individual quotation for the diabetes travel insurance. It is a number of questions and the answers you allow will determine the price of covering your diabetes. The medical screening questionnaire is completed online. Whenever you reach step 4 of 5 on the online booking/renewal process, simply enter diabetes into the search box above the alphabet. It’ll then say in red letters, ‘Sorry we can’t find a match for the medical problem click here to us our online screening process.’ Click the link stating click the link and then answer the following questions about your diabetes. This can provide you with a customized quote for the diabetic travel insurance. You may either choose to accept or decline the additional cover your diabetes at this time.

You don’t have to decide to accept the quote for the additional diabetic cover. If you opt to decline the additional diabetes travel insurance this means that you won’t be covered for anything associated with your diabetes whilst abroad. You’d still stayed covered for standard emergency medical cover anything accidental or unrelated for your condition e.g. falling and breaking a leg.

If you are unsure if you want to be medically screened please read Pre Existing Health conditions Travel Insurance page. Obtain a low cost quote for travel insurance with diabetes by filling in our easy quote form and medical screening questionnaire.

Just like any medical condition, should you feeling ill before you decide to travel please talk to your doctor or any other medical authority for advice.